Our Affordable  Health Insurance

We’re here to help you understand your Medicare plan rights, options, and entitlements, and find the solution that’s best for you. We present your Medicare Insurance Benefits, Eligibility, and Coverage Information in an easy-to-understand format, including Part A, B, and D (prescription drug plans), Medicare supplemental insurance, Part C, Advantage plans, & more, all to help you understand and choose the programs that best fit your individual needs. Give us a call today.

Why Trust  Our Plans

  • 20 Dr. visits a year paid includes (Chiropractic and Naturopath visits, No-copays!)
  • Health plans offered are state of the art and very competitive premiums, 1/3 the cost of Market place plans
  • Largest Network of Dr. and Hospitals “PHCS”
  • One million a year coverage up to 5 million
  • Free yearly wellness check
  • This plan includes Labs and Diagnostic, No Deductibles!
  • Out-Patient surgeries covered, No Deductibles!
  • Urgent Care covered, No Deductibles!
  • Free unlimited Teledoc, Rx coverage
  • Health plans include 50K w/ accident of life insurance.

* Speak to a licensed advisor, and refer to carrier brochures for specific plan benefits, terms, and exclusions

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